Paddle Leg Leash 6' or 9'


Paddle Leg Leash 6' or 9'

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LIGHTER SMALLER STRONGER Above the calf leg leash, weighing only 4.5 ounces, features smooth cuff, dual quick connect or disconnect ABS buckle and stainless steel clasp, 9’ or 6’ extended Dyneema core (strong as steel, outlasts steel cable 3:1 in marine environments, abrasion resistant, UV resistant, UV resistant soft jacketing, strength of 1600 pounds). Retractable to 11” or 8”. Cord (1000 pound, 2mm) replaces swivels. Floats. High contrast stitching makes it easy to inspect.

9’ leash ( 2.75m) best for outrigger, surfski, SUP and rough conditions.

6’ leash (1.85m) best for surfski, SUP or race and flat water conditions.

One size regular fits most.* Will fit above the calf comfortably from 12” to 15.5”. If you require a custom XXS or XXL size please select custom option. When in doubt use a string to measure the circumference above the calf. Watch the video on how to fit it. Still don’t know? Email me.

This is not regulated safety equipment and may also be attached to belt, hydration pack, etc. Your preference. Or choose the auxiliary waist belt package.

*Will fit over tight legging. If you are paddling in cold weather wearing bulky neoprene or a drysuit, attaching at the waist may be a better solution, especially due to the slippery nature of neoprene. Always test your fit prior to paddling.

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ABOUT THE ELASTIC JACKETED DYNEEMA (HMPE) Samson Amsteel Blue CORD: Average strength when spliced 1600 pounds or 725 kg • Abrasion resistant • Easy to inspect • Easy to splice • Excellent wear characteristics • Extremely low stretch • Flexible • Floats • High strength • Highly flex-fatigue resistant • Lightweight • Maximum strength-to-weight ratio • Similar elastic elongation to wire rope • Wire rope replacement • 6 month immersion in saltwater results in 0% reduction in strength

HARDWARE: 304 stainless steel.

WARRANTY: ONE YEAR WITH NORMAL USE. In my 25 years of rigging (working with rope and hardware) my rigging has never failed. But the second law of thermodynamics tells us things fall apart. Should a component fail, I will repair or replace it. I have personally been using Dyneema and most of the other components in this leash for the past 2-5 years with zero failure, so I think this is a fantastic, superior leash. Use it.

(Normal wear and tear, fading is expected.)