Hudson River Cup 2018

The Hudson River does not quite equal the Columbia Gorge in her ability to lure paddlers, but this year some 45+ paddlers, from OC1, OC2, surfski, SUP and even the salty kayak, dared test her brackish green waters.

Hosted by the Ke Aloha outrigger club of Hoboken, this small craft race jumped its participant numbers, setting the stage for the possibility of an even larger race in 2019 as word gets out. What's in it for the paddler? Well, that would be the washing machine action of the New York Harbor churning beneath the feet of Lady Liberty. It is definitely one of those races where you will lose a few seconds off your personal best due to gawking.

hudson cup map.jpeg

Where exactly is Hoboken, and why would you want to paddle there, you ask? Well, it has better views of Manhattan than Manhattan has of itself. And if you're a paddler, it means you can take the fastest route between New Jersey and New York straight across the river that divides them. See you on the water!


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