As a seasoned 3D draftsperson in the architectural world of big box buildings, getting comfortable with drawing complex curves on a very small scale was a much greater challenge than I had imagined. I had the fortune of working with a great fellow from South Africa, who worked with me on a project as a BIM specialist. All day long he drew the building we were working on and from time to time we were visited by Autodesk specialists, who introduced us to deeper aspects of their cloud platform. My fellow worker politely informed me that I would have to give up on SketchUp if I wanted to actually print curves. And so, reluctantly, I left the long comfortable and now rather cartoony realm of SketchUp for Autodesk Fusion 360.

Utterly failing to draw and extrude complex curves, I finally found tutorials for fans on YouTube, and when I finally emerged victorious with my first simple fan drawings, I knew I could move on to drawing paddles. At first I printed a 1/4 scale paddle in black ABS just to see how it executed.

Next I found myself up against print size limitations, so I had to engineer the paddle in pieces. Today, we epoxy together the Brooklyn Bridge prototype... STAY TUNED

File Jan 28, 3 40 29 PM.jpeg